County Councilman Dale Miller has full plate of work in 2022

By Jerry Masek    

District 2 County Councilman Dale Miller — a veteran of 40+ years in public service — has many goals as 2022 begins.   

Miller represents Ward 16 and 17 in West Park, plus Lakewood and Rocky River. His term expires in 2024. 

Focus On Goals   

COVID-19: Getting the pandemic under control is a top priority. “We have to make the vaccine easier to obtain for everyone. Only 56 percent of the County workforce is vaccinated. We need to do better.”    

OPOIDS: “700 persons died of overdoses in 2021. That’s just horrible. We need to do more.”    

JUSTICE: “The County Jail, the Mental Health Diversion Center and bail reform are all key this year. We need to help keep more people from entering the system.”    

CLIMATE CHANGE: “The County needs to use more clean energy, and help reduce the impacts of climate change.”   

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