Ross still ready to speak out

By Jerry Masek

In 2021, West Park attorney Ross DiBello lost a bid to become Cleveland’s next mayor.   

In 2022, he still plans to exercise his First Amendment right to free speech. 

“I hope the City puts better policies in place. We need to see a better use of our tax dollars,”DiBello said.

“I’ll continue to comment at City Council meetings, and on Twitter. I hope my campaign inspires more people to run. I will encourage that. We need to keep fighting the good fight.”   

Term limits are definitely needed for the Mayor and City Council, he said. “Holding public office should not be a career, or an entitlement. We also need to change the process of filling City Council vacancies.”

DiBello said he has no immediate plans to run for public office again. Besides his law work, he and his wife volunteer at the City Kennel.

In the middle of the pandemic, Ross DiBello collect signatures for his mayor bid.

During the Sept. 14 primary, Ross DiBello greets voters at Gunning Recreation Center.

(Photos by Jerry Masek)

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