SAYMO invites artists & enthusiasts

Like lines in a painting or sketch, lives often cross or intersect.

Artist Kevin Joseph of The SAYMO Collective + Gallery hopes to connect artists in the new and inviting space he has established in West Park.

The SAYMO Collective + Gallery is located at 16205 Lorain Ave., and it opened its doors on June 1st.

“We’re growing,” says Joseph. “And we’re always looking for new artisans that would like to join another community of artisans.”

“It is an ego-free environment,” he says.

Currently the collective houses 9 different artists and Joseph says, the art that is there is changed regularly, and often.

“It can be a lot of work but it’s rewarding when people walk through the door and say: you really do change this place a lot…”
So far, the collective has had numerous events, including a Dream Builder Workshop for empowering creativity; a sound bath, and a physic reader.

What drew Kevin Joseph to art and establishing the collective?

“I am trying to let my mind which I cannot control paint something that it cannot see,” says Joseph about painting and art in general.

Ejected from a car in St. Cloud, Minn. in 2018, Joseph says this impacted him greatly and somewhat changed the trajectory of his life.

“I traded in my sedan for a van,” he says. “I just wanted to do nothing but art after that for 12 months.”

“I’m building this,” he adds, “as I hope that someone would build it for me.”

To see upcoming events happening at the The SAYMO Collective + Gallery, or to contact Kevin Joseph to learn about more opportunities, visit Facebook at

A piece which is housed at SAYMO, located at 16205 Lorain Ave.

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