Wireless Carriers Begin Small Cell Facilities Construction Citywide

CLEVELAND – Construction of small cell facilities is underway this week as part of a wireless carrier program to provide 5G Wireless Service throughout Cleveland. Carriers will construct a network of newly installed utility poles at multiple city locations that carry the 5G wireless equipment.  In some locations, equipment may be mounted on existing utility poles.  The new utility poles will be placed in tree lawn areas or on existing sidewalks, providing adequate room for pedestrian access.

list of locations by Ward, current as of Aug. 6, 2019, is available for reference.  Additional locations are anticipated and will be added as the City is notified by the carriers.

During the work, traffic and pedestrian access may be temporarily restricted or delayed due to the contractor’s operations.  Two-way traffic will be maintained.  Pedestrian traffic may be limited to one side of the street.

Motorists should be alert for traffic signage and flaggers who will direct traffic at the designated work sites.

Questions? Contact Ben Stock of the City of Cleveland Permits and sidewalks Section at 216-664-2384.

 163923 West 140th St.
 164582  West 150th St.
 164311 West 140th St.
 163384 West 123rd St.
 163711 West 138th Street
 163470 West 140th Street
 1613741 Southwood Ave
 163668 West 133rd St
 1614012 Seneca Ct
 163902 Victory Blvd
 163750 W 130th St
 163501-3555 Norton Rd
 1613723 Lorain Ave
 163384 West 123rd St
 164197 West 150th Street
 163787 West 133rd Street
 1613630 Lorain Avenue
 163691 West 143rd Street
 1611705 Berea Road
 1717108 Peardale Avenue
 1715310 Lorain Ave.
 173147 Warren Road
 1714035 Lakewood Heights Blvd.
 1714604 Caldwell Avenue
 1714601-14853 Fernway Ave
 1715800 Munn Rd
 1716110 Edgecliff
 1715903 Alden Ave
 173249 West 153rd St
 1715416 Montrose Ave
 173193 West 165th St
 1714570 Lorain Ave
 1715233 Triskett Rd
 1714416 Rainbow Road
 173095 West 159th Street

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