Lent 2024 seafood and vegetarian options in West Park

In West Park, Lent is a season marked not just by its spiritual significance but also by the culinary creativity it inspires in local restaurants. This year, Lent began on Valentine’s Day and continues through March 28.

As the community observes this period of reflection and fasting, many eateries have updated their menus to cater to those abstaining from meat on Fridays, offering a variety of seafood and vegetarian options.

Here’s a roundup of some options for Lent 2024 in the neighborhood of West Park:

Si Senor, located at 16800 Lorain Ave., is known for its vibrant Mexican cuisine offering an extensive seafood menu. Diners can enjoy their fish tacos, ceviche, or seafood soup, all bursting with fresh flavor.  

Seven Seas Seafood, Inc., a staple at 15725 Lorain Ave., becomes a go-to spot for those observing Lent. Their Lent menu features an extensive selection of fresh seafood. The restaurant requires individuals call ahead to place orders during Lent (i.e. no walk-ins).

West Park Station, at 17015 Lorain Ave., its menu includes Lent-friendly options such as the beer-battered haddock and grilled salmon. There’s also a lobster mac and cheese option available. 

Public House, located at 17219 Lorain Ave., is another local favorite, with a Lake Erie yellow perch fry special offered on Fridays. 

Canary’s, nestled at 14810 Puritas Ave., has many fish-centered menu items available, including beer battered fish, baked tilapia, a fish sandwich and tuna fish sandwich, fish and chips, and fried walleye. 

Cozumel, at 4195 W. 150 St., adds a Mexican flair to Lent with their fish tacos, seafood burrito, and seafood chimichangas, along with other seafood options. 

PJ McIntyre’s, an Irish pub located at 17119 Lorain Ave., incorporates a special Lent menu including battered and fried Haddock and fries, fried butterflied shrimp, a perch dinner and three cheese macaroni, pierogies, mussels, lobster bisque, and sandwiches like a cracker crusted cod and perch on a pretzel roll.

Habesha, at 16860 Lorain Ave., introduces Ethiopian fare and a number of vegetarian options, like the vegan combination which features timatim fit fit, fosolia,  atkilt wot,  ater kik alicha, and miser wot.

In West Park, Lent is more than just a religious observance; it’s an opportunity for the community to come together and explore the diverse culinary landscape that the neighborhood has to offer. Whether you’re observing Lent or simply looking to try some new seafood and vegetarian dishes, West Park’s restaurants have something to satisfy every palate.

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