Mayor Bibb Announces Priority Allocations for American Rescue Plan Funds 


Tuesday, July 12, 2022 – Cleveland – Today, the Bibb administration announced the financial allocations for the distribution of American Rescue Plan & Recovery Act (ARPA) funding under the guidance of Mayor Bibb’s Rescue & Transformation Plan

Last week, the City received the second tranche of ARPA funding.  

The Center for Economic Recovery (CER), the internal policy team tasked with carrying out the plan, has been making steady progress in its strategic process to ensure that Cleveland invests this once-in-a-generation federal funding in transformational, sustainable, ethical, and equitable ways.   

These investments are being made around priority areas, which Mayor Bibb shaped from recommendations that the Cleveland community set forth in the transition report.  

Mayor Bibb has directed that each priority area receive the approximate amount indicated below. These numbers are estimates and are subject to change as several of the priority areas may have overlapping success measures, share initiatives, or require less or more funding than anticipated.   

Priority  Allocation (millions)
Inclusive Recovery/Housing for All  $195 
Budget Stabilization* $110 
Modern City Hall   $50   
Violence Prevention and Safety   $30   
Closing the Digital Divide   $25   
Education for Everyone   $20   
Lead Safe Cleveland   $17   
Arts and Neighborhood Amenities   $10   
Civic Participation Fund (Participatory Budgeting)  $5   

* This amount is intended to come from one-time funds in the General Fund 

“We must think creatively and strategically about how we allocate these funds,” said Mayor Bibb. “My administration is focusing on initiatives that will set a foundation for long-term, tangible impact for the residents of Cleveland. These allocations allow us to maximize the use of federal funds in the areas that our community identified as their priorities.”  

Mayor Bibb’s Rescue & Transformation Plan also provides a strong framework for the city to be prepared to compete for additional funding from a variety of sources.  
The CER team is actively engaging with Cleveland City Council to equitably and strategically shape and evaluate ideas for ARPA-funded projects that address our most urgent challenges. The team is assessing applications for ARPA-funding using the same evaluation criteria to make strategic decisions to achieve our long-term vision. They are also considering all possible sources of funding to ensure the City makes the best use of ARPA and other one-time federal dollars.  

Read the latest update and learn more at Mayor Bibb’s Rescue & Transformation Plan.  

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