“PB In Action” held at ThirdSpace Action Lab


Grassroots coalition PB CLE (Participatory Budgeting Cleveland)l hosted an interactive event, “PB In Action,” at ThirdSpace Action Lab in Glenville (1464 E 105th St, Cleveland, OH 44106) on Sunday, May 15 at 2:30 p.m.

It was held to share the latest from its campaign, demonstrate the steps of the PB process, and encourage residents to take action towards winning the support we need from City Hall. 

PB CLE is a group of Cleveland residents and grassroots coalitions that have asked the City of Cleveland to incorporate residents’ voices, visions, and decisions in determining how to spend $30.8 million of the city’s $512 million in American Rescue Plan funds through participatory budgeting. That number represents the percentage of Cleveland residents living in poverty – the residents PB CLE believes need to be fully centered for a just recovery. 

The coalition consists of more than 300 people living in Cleveland and is endorsed by more than 60 local organizations and coalitions. PB CLE is actively working to win a people’s budget in Cleveland by building a strong coalition of support on City Council, within the Bibb administration, and across Cleveland through education and engagement events to center the voices of everyday people, especially under-recognized voices in spending decisions at the local level. PB CLE believes that Cleveland residents are the experts in what they need.

Cleveland will receive the second half of the ARPA money in May; now is the moment for PB CLE supporters to make their voices heard, as city officials are making decisions about the funding allocation.

A list of organizations and coalitions endorsing PB CLE can be found here, and past earned media can be found at www.pbcle.com/media.

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