Mayor Bibb introduces legislation to remove jersey barriers in Public Square


Mayor Justin M. Bibb today moved forward with legislation to authorize the removal of temporary barriers from Public Square and replace them with modern and removable bollards. The proposed legislation provides up to $1.5 million in funding from the capital budget for removal, repair and redesign work.  

“Public Square should be the people’s park but for too long, jersey barriers have got in the way. Today, my administration is taking the first step towards removing these barriers and restoring Public Square to its original intent – to serve as a meeting place in the heart of our city,” Mayor Bibb said.

The proposed legislation authorizes the removal of the jersey barriers and replacement with bollards that will ensure safety, enhance the City’s ability to open and close the square for public events and authorize the Group Plan Commission to enter into a contract to start the design and construction of the improvements.

“I applaud the Mayor for taking quick and decisive action to remove the jersey barriers from Public Square. These unnecessary and intrusive barriers have compromised the beauty and function of the people’s square. This legislation will ensure our Public Square thrives as a welcoming place for all Clevelanders for many years to come,” Ward 3 Councilman Kerry McCormack said. 

The preliminary estimated cost of the project to replace the concrete barriers and repair the Superior crossing is approximately $3.0 million. In addition to funds previously set aside by the City, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority will be considering an investment.  The Group Plan Commission will have an opportunity to evaluate cost effectiveness and pursue additional funding through private and philanthropic investments. 

The Group Plan Commission held the original contract for the design, construction and reconstruction of Public Square in 2015 and will be authorized to commence a redesign, upon City Council approval. 

The Group Plan Commission is the project team responsible for delivering the project on behalf of the City and consists of the original architects, engineers, contractors and project managers who understand the complexities of constructing permanent barriers, with knowledge of the significant underground existing infrastructure. Removal requires surgical precision to ensure utilities below the surface are not damaged.

”Group Plan Commission applauds Mayor Justin Bibb’s expedient introduction of legislation to improve the safety, security and aesthetics in Public Square by removing the jersey barriers in Superior Avenue and planters at the corner entryways into Public Square with an attractive, removable bollard system,” said Group Plan Commission Chairperson Tony Coyne. 

“Additionally, RTA’s commitment allows us to begin the process as soon as legislation is passed. We will connect with our funding partners in hopes of closing the gap, finishing the job we started, and making Superior what it was intended to be for the enjoyment of our community.”

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