SEIU Local 1 Endorses Justin Bibb for Cleveland Mayor


Today, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1, which represents essential workers, including janitors, maintenance, and food service workers, announced its endorsement of Justin Bibb for Mayor of Cleveland. Bibb has been an outspoken advocate on workers’ issues and has launched an inclusive economic recovery campaign to increase the minimum wage to $15. 

“Service workers and janitors are not only essential but are also the backbone of our city and country. They have played an especially important role during this pandemic by keeping our public spaces safe and clean. Our frontline service workers deserve a mayor who will fight to earn them a living wage,” Justin Bibb said. 

“Thousands of Clevelanders are working two jobs to care for their families. Despite their efforts, they struggle to make ends meet. That’s not right. The mayor has a moral obligation to prioritize essential workers in our economic recovery and to deliver real change,” said Bibb.  

“City Hall can be a better partner with labor organizations. We see Justin as bridging this gap. He’s a strong and determined ally who will bring labor organizations to the table while focusing on one common goal – putting workers first and getting them back to work,” said Yanela Sims, SEIU Local 1 Ohio State Director​/Vice President.  

Justin Bibb will fight together with SEIU Local 1 to ensure working families emerge stronger throughout the pandemic. He will continue to tackle structural inequities and ensure that city government raises the voices of frontline workers to achieve economic justice and opportunity for all.  

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