Dan and Dona Brady, council member Brian Mooney, endorse Kevin Kelley for mayor of Cleveland

PRESS RELEASE — On  Aug. 13, 2021, Dan and Dona Brady and Brian Mooney, Ward 11 Councilman, announced their endorsement of Kevin J. Kelley for Mayor of Cleveland. All three leaders cited Kevin Kelley’s experience, ability to get things done and his vision for the future of Cleveland as some of the reasons they have endorsed him to be Cleveland’s next mayor.

“As public servants for many years, Dan, Dona and Brian know what it takes to fight for the best interests of the people,” said Kevin Kelley, regarding the Bradys’ and Mooney’s endorsements. “They know what it takes to lead, especially in challenging times, and I appreciate their willingness to vouch for me, my character, my work ethic, and my ability to get things done on behalf of the people of Cleveland.

In discussing his support for Kevin Kelley, Dan Brady focused on the importance of this election and electing the right person for the job. “It’s time for those of us who live in Cleveland to get serious about the mayor’s election,” said Dan Brady, former Cuyahoga County Council President, State Senator, State Representative, and Cleveland City Council Member. “There is not a question that we have the most talented and experienced candidate in Kevin. He’s ready to do this job.”

As Cleveland City Council President for the last seven years, Kevin Kelley has worked side-by-side with his colleagues to help bring investment to neighborhoods across the city, improve city services for all Cleveland residents and tackle challenging issues like infant mortality and racism as a public health crisis.

Dona Brady, who also represented Ward 11 on Cleveland City Council, called out Kevin Kelley’s willingness to work with his colleagues on behalf of the people of Cleveland. “I worked with Kevin for 15 years on Council. I was able to get things done in my ward because Kevin would help me fight for it,” said Dona Brady. “Kevin’s experience at City Hall makes him the clear choice. He is not walking in and having to learn on the job.”

In his role as Finance Committee Chair, Kelley is responsible for ensuring City Council passes a balanced budget, which requires deep knowledge of how all city departments operate. This knowledge and experience gained over the past 16 years as a member of council have helped shape Kelley’s vision for the future and a blueprint for achieving that vision.

Current Ward 11 Council Member Brian Mooney pointed to Kelley’s plans for the future, including efforts to improve public safety and reduce crime, as a key reason he is endorsing Kelley for Mayor of Cleveland. “I’m supporting Kevin because of his vision for strong neighborhood policing,” said Mooney. “Kevin’s plan to implement Neighborhood Safety Centers will help address our residents’ concerns and help build trust in our community. We believe in Cleveland, and we believe in Kevin.”

Dan and Dona Brady and Brian Mooney join Kevin Kelley’s growing list of supporters:

  • Mayor Frank G. Jackson
  • Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley
  • Cuyahoga County Council Member Yvonne Conwell
  • Cleveland City Council Member Kevin Conwell
  • The Association of Cleveland Firefighters IAFF Local 93
  • Plumbers Union Local 55
  • Pipefitters Local Union 120
  • Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council and their affiliated unions:
    • Boilermakers Local 744
    • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 5
    • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 16
    • Carpenters Local 373
    • Carpenters Local 435
    • Cement Masons Local 404
    • Electrical Workers Local 38
    • Electrical Workers Local 673
    • Elevator Constructors Local 17
    • Glaziers Local 181
    • Heat & Frost Insulators Local 3
    • Iron Workers Local 17
    • Laborers Local 245
    • Laborers Local 310
    • Millwright Pile Driver Local 1090
    • Plasterers Local 526 (formerly Plasterers Local 31)
    • Roofers & Waterproofers Local 44
    • Sheet Metal Workers Local 33
    • Sign, Display & Allied Trades Local 639
    • Teamsters Local 407
    • Teamsters Local 436
    • Tile Layers Local 36

For more information about Kevin J. Kelley’s Cleveland Jobs Now plan and position on supporting working familiesending the digital divideeducating and training residents for careers that pay well enough to support their families and ensuring every neighborhood is healthy, strong and safe, visit kevinforCLE.com and follow @kevinkelleyCLE on Twitter.

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