Fun & photo ops at Kamm’s Corners Ice Cream Co.


Approximately 50-percent of the world uses social media, sources say. 

“…Photo ops are such a big thing with social media being so popular,” says Lisa Kay, proprietor and scoop specialist at Kamm’s Corners Ice Cream Co. “We thought ‘hey,’ we might be small but we can be mighty, and keep up with the Cleveland photo op scene!” 

A brand new neon sign at Kamm’s Corners Ice Cream Co. gives patrons and passersby an opportunity to have their own unique photo shoot. 

“We added the BEST neon sign–EVER!” Kay says, noting the sign is “ice cream, you scream, we all scream for Cleveland” and in their signature colors, ‘razmatazz pink,’ ‘lemon yellow,’ and ‘blue moo blue.’ 

Kay added a special thanks to her Shop Manager Tia for coming up with the design and the saying, “we just love it!” 

“We also added some Cleveland Street Art! Local Artist Kali Gibbons painted the best mural outside the shop which represents a few of our flavors. Our #1 seller Maxx’s Cookie monster sits atop the mural with our signature chocolate medallion and cookie monster eyes.” 

Two hot flavors for this summer? Kay says Lemon Square and Peach Basil Cream are current favorites.

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