City of Cleveland releases waste collection and recycling report


Maintaining its commitment to keeping the city clean, reducing waste, and providing quality service for our residents, the City of Cleveland commissioned a consultant GT Environmental to develop a report to evaluate the solid waste, recycling, and bulk collection programs operated by the Division of Waste Collection and Disposal. The main focus of this study was to fully understand how the City currently operates these programs, and develop specific recommendations which improve efficiency and support our waste reduction goals, while still maintaining high levels of service for our residents. Click here to view the full report.

In January 2021, a draft report and recommendations were presented to City leadership. The report spanned the entirety of our waste collection operations and included various implementation pathways and investments needed to meet our goals. After careful review and consideration, the Division of Waste Collection and Disposal has identified a number of recommendations to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase materials diverted from landfills. In Spring 2021, we anticipate GT Environmental will provide detailed strategies to implement these recommendations and communicate updates to residents. Summaries of the anticipated program updates are detailed below.

Program/ Service AreaRecommended UpdatesBenefits
BULK WASTE COLLECTION·       Shift to bi-weekly, appointment-based bulk collection. Residents call to schedule bulk pick up through Division of Waste.·       Division of Waste to continuing issuing warnings and/or citations for improper bulk set out.·       Reduces stress on weekly bulk collections.·       Improves route efficiency and deters improper set out.·       Increases opportunities for landfill diversion.
CURBSIDE RECYCLING·       Transition to an opt-in program. Residents interested in receiving curbside recycling services must opt-in to the program. Residents who do not participate will have blue bins removed.·       Residents interested in receiving information about the opt-in program can soon sign up via the City website.·       Reduces contamination of residential recycling.·       Improves route efficiency.·       Increases effectiveness of outreach and education efforts.
OUTREACH & EDUCATION·       Distribute updated Waste Collection & Recycling Service Guide to all households in service area.·       Update website with accurate program information and resources for proper waste disposal and recycling.·       Provides all residents with up-to-date information on proper waste set out and recycling.·       Increases opportunities for landfill diversion.
OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY·       Update waste, recycling & bulk collection routes.·       Support improved vehicle and equipment maintenance.·       Support initial and ongoing staff training.·       Reduces wear and tear on vehicles, equipment.·       Reduces fuel consumption.·       Promotes positive work environment for staff.

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