College Club West announces scholarship winners and information for 2021


College Club West awards scholarships to women who are at least 25 years of age, living in the greater Cleveland area, and who wish to pursue a graduate or undergraduate degree program.  

This year four women were each granted a $3,000 scholarship.  

The winners include: Tammy Bailey who will be attending graduate school at Kent State University; Stephanie Furino who is working on her MFA in Creative Writing at Ashland University; Silvia LaBoy who is working on her MBA at Walsh College, and Sinegugu Ghasa who will be graduating from Hiram College with a bachelor’s in business management.

Applications for 2021 are available at

Completed forms and supporting letters must be submitted by March 20 to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Awards will be announced at the Annual Meeting.  

Recipients will be chosen on the basis of academic record, goals, commitment, and need.

No member of College Club West or her family is eligible for tuition grants.

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