COVID-19 complaints, Operation Legend, and more news from the City of Cleveland

From Mayor Jackson’s newsletter covering the City of Cleveland:

“”The City of Cleveland will continue to partner with federal law enforcement agencies to combat violent crime in our neighborhoods within the realm of constitutional policing,” said Mayor Jackson. “Residents and their families have a right to feel safe and be safe in their own communities. Coordinated efforts between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies will allow us to more effectively address and reduce violent crimes in Cleveland neighborhoods to build a safer Cleveland for all.”

·       Click here to view the release from the Department of Justice

·       Click here to watch the press conference Mayor Jackson held last week

·       Click here to watch today’s press conference with the DOJ

City of Cleveland Statement on Upcoming Presidential Debate

“The City of Cleveland was informed that Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) were looking to host the first presidential debate and received confirmation of the selection prior to the announcement. While we were informed, we were not a part of the planning process and refer all requests regarding the details to both the Clinic and CWRU. The City of Cleveland looks forward to working with its partners, the Cleveland Clinic and CWRU, on the next steps in hosting the first presidential debate in Cleveland. When we have more details to report, we will share those in our daily media update.”

The City of Cleveland Releases CDPH COVID-19 Non-Compliance Report

CDPH continues to monitor COVID-19 non-compliance complaints. Since March 20, 2020 through July 29, 2020, CDPH has received 2,512 COVID-19 non-compliance complaints. To date, CDPH has received 1010 mass gathering non-compliance allegations, 794 mask non-compliance allegations and 430 social distancing non-compliance allegations in the City of Cleveland. To view and download CDPH’s COVID-19 non-compliance report, click here.

Note: The City of Cleveland will begin to share this report each week in its daily media update.

Middle Neighborhoods Presentation Released

In 2019 the City of Cleveland partnered with the Cleveland Foundation to launch the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative (MNI).  This work focuses on communities within Cleveland that are historically stable but teeter on the edge of distress. These “middle neighborhoods” are areas with unique challenges that must be addressed with specific policy interventions, new mechanisms for investment, and efforts to promote the high quality of life families or individuals can find locally.

In 2020 the MNI partnered with Case Western Reserve University to develop a citywide analysis tool capable of showing practitioners and policymakers which areas in the city will see the greatest impact through investment. Using this tool, MNI continues to develop a toolkit of policies and interventions that can stabilize and grow the middle neighborhoods of Cleveland.

Recently, the presentation here was shared at a Cleveland City Council Committee meeting.

Calls Regarding COVID-19 Complaints
With the passage yesterday by Cleveland City Council of an ordinance authorizing penalties for non-compliance with Mayor Jackson’s mask mandate, enforcement is now in effect.

There are two numbers Clevelanders should call regarding non-compliance:

·       Business complaints: CDPH hotline at 216-857-7165

·       Individual or private residence complaints: Cleveland Police non-emergency line at 216-621-1234

Cleveland City Council recently approved the mandatory use of masks in public spaces as well as certain penalties for individuals and businesses that do not comply. On July 3, Mayor Jackson signed an amended order mandating the use of masks in public in the City of Cleveland to slow the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. This includes mandatory use in bars, restaurants, shared office settings, rideshares and other shared spaces.

Citations may be issued with fines for the following:

·       Any business or person violating the mask or safe-seating order (which maintains social distancing of at least six feet between patrons) is subject to civil penalties. In accordance with Ordinance No. 556-2020, specifically chapters 602 and 236.

·       Any business in the City of Cleveland with an employee who becomes ill with the coronavirus is required to immediately disinfect and sanitize the premises. Following a warning, they may be subject to a civil penalty of $1,000 for the first offense and a civil penalty of $3,000 for each subsequent violation.

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