City announces neighborhood street improvements in Ward 16


During the week of July 27, 2020, the residential resurfacing will begin in Ward 16. Advance notice signs will be posted to advise the public of road improvements.  The following streets will be resurfaced and completed by the end of September 2020:

·       Carrington Avenue (West 130th Street to West End)

·       West 135th Street (Bennington Avenue to Wainfleet Avenue)

·       West 135th Street (Sandiego Avenue to Lorain Avenue)

·       St. James Avenue (West 140th Street to West 143rd Street)

·       Bennington Avenue (West 127th Street to 12905)

·       West 143rd Street (Elsetta Avenue to Courtland Avenue)

One lane of traffic will be maintained for local traffic for the duration of each project and no detours are expected. Access to all businesses, residences and side streets will be maintained during construction. On-street parking will not be allowed during construction.

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  1. What’s 133rd and puritas the Dead end Street needs it been here 26 years they’ve only paid that one time starting to break up it’s only way I can get into my home into my driveway

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