Local City Wide Glass offering COVID-19 plexiglass shields

By Jessie Schoonover

City Wide Glass Ohio, Inc., 12909 Bellaire Rd., is now offering COVID-19 plexiglass shields to protect employees. 

Convenience stores, doctor’s offices (particularly where the receptionist sits), and public places with cashiers are among those that can benefit from having COVID-19 plexiglass shields, says Lisa Setser, office manager at City Wide Glass. 

“It has a real clean look and it’s totally temporary,” she says, adding that they are designed with “acrylic feet on the bottom so that nothing has to be screwed into the counters or walls or anything.”

“When the time comes, just take it away; you don’t have to damage any surfaces,” says Setser. 

The process begins with a consultation with the store owner. The area the owner would like to cover is then measured and then cut to size. 

For more information about these or to schedule a consultation with City Wide Glass, call (216) 476-1888.

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