Coronavirus cases spike in Ohio, latest 24-hour total surpasses 1,300 new cases

In the last 24-hours, the Ohio Department of Health has reported 1,353 new cases of the coronavirus. 

This excludes the “CDC Expanded Case Definition (Probable)” amount. The overall coronavirus case total for the state reached 11,292 on April 19. For the last few days, a significant jump in 24-hour case increases can be seen (below): 

4/19: Today’s 24-hour increase= 1,353 Today’s total= 11,292. Yesterday’s total= 9,939.

4/18: Today’s 24-hour increase= 1,081 Today’s total= 9,939. Yesterday’s total= 8,858.

4/17: Today’s 24-hour increase= 619. Today’s total= 8,858. Yesterday’s total= 8,239.

4/16: Today’s 24-hour increase= 611. Today’s total= 8,239. Yesterday’s total= 7,628.

4/15: Today’s 24-hour increase= 475. Today’s total= 7,628. Yesterday’s total= 7,153.

4/14: Today’s 24-hour increase= 272. Today’s total= 7,153. Yesterday’s total= 6,881.

View more totals here.

According to sources, the U.S. currently tops the world in numbers of coronavirus cases. 

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