City Fresh Starts June 15th! Are you ready?


There’s just 6 more days left in our Early Bird sale! Order your veggie shares today and you’ll enjoy 2019 prices! This sale ends March 15.

Joining City Fresh is a great way to put your money where your values are. Eat well, support small farmers, combat climate crisis, offset the effects of income inequality, and build community – all for the price of dinner!


Eating locally and seasonally is a long term strategy for social and environmental change. Seasonal foods pack intense nutrition. Sustainable growing practices support the environment, improving the quality of soil, water, and air. Vegetables are good for your body: your heart, brain, and immune system depend on powerful nutrients. Getting your fresh local foods from folks in your neighborhood who love good eating helps connect you to others. Food is at the basis of all cultural traditions. It’s collaborative. It’s a way to exchange ideas and show love.

Join us in our efforts: connect, volunteer, eat well! Get all the good things we’ve got growing this season. Tag us on social media and let your communities know that you stand up for change! You can find us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Support sustainable agriculture and access to fresh food for all!

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