Students create marketing videos for their schools



Students from five CMSD high schools have revealed videos that can be used to market those schools to prospective students and families.

The students are members of CEO Eric Gordon’s Student Advisory Committee. The videos premiered when the committee met Dec. 20 at Windows on the River.  

At a meeting in October, the students’ concepts for the videos emerged as winners in a “Shark Tank” style pitch competition.  

Students from Rhodes College and Career Academy, MC²STEM High School and John Marshall’s schools of Engineering, Information Technology and Civic and Business Leadership worked with the District’s communications team to make the videos.  

The goal of the videos is to help CMSD students and their families choose from among roughly 30 District high schools.  Gordon hopes the strategy will be replicated at other high schools and boost enrollment across the District.  

The Student Advisory Committee is made up of 400 or so students representing District high schools. As a part of the state law behind The Cleveland Plan, a customized blueprint for education reform in the city, CMSD students have a voice in their education.

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