Consider our four-legged friends at the APL this holiday season

By Jessie Schoonover

If there’s any extra room on your holiday shopping list this year, consider adding an item for the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL).
Their wishlist is ongoing throughout the year/ However, at the moment, our four-legged friends at the APL are currently in need of the following:

  • Cat carriers
  • Rachel Ray (roasters)
  • Pup-Peroni dog treats
  • Other soft dog treats
  • Canned squeeze cheese
  • Paper lunch bags
  • Nylabones (all sizes)
  • Easy Walk® Harness (all sizes)
  • Feliway plug in refills
  • Friskies crunchy cat treats
  • Cat scratchers
  • Non-dust cat litter
  • Cat and dog food (particularly wet food)
  • Dog treats
  • Cat and dog toys
  • Office supplies
  • Bleach
  • Gift cards for Marc’s, as well as gift cards that can be used at any store

For the full wishlist, visit


“(They) are very much appreciated. That’s what we rely on to care for our animals. But there are many other ways people can help,” says APL Director of Development Judy Hunter. “The wishlist is a great way to collect some items or bring some things in that you have in your home, and then there’s volunteering your time as a volunteer in our shelter, or for foster care.” “We have a wonderful core of volunteers right now who will take the moms and the babies and take care of them until they are big enough to come back to the shelters,” says Hunter. “That really helps us out as well,” she says. Interested in becoming a volunteer for the APL or learning more? Simply go to the Cleveland APL website ( and click on the ‘Volunteer’ tab for more information ( According to Hunter, animals that typically go into foster care include dogs and cats who have just given birth or are about to give birth, along with their puppies or kittens; as well as animals currently being treated for an illness, or recovering from an injury. Those who decide to take in an animal from the shelter as a foster caregiver are given the proper tools and items, such as food, medical care, and amenities like cat litter, which come at no expense to the foster. Individuals are able to purchase things at their own expense, however, if they choose. If this is the case, individuals are often able to write off these expenses on their taxes, as these items are considered to be tax deductible, says Hunter.
For those who become the foster parents of adoptable pets, peer-to-peer as well as staff assistance for questions and more is available any time.
“We have coaches who help fosters,” says Hunter. “Particularly if you are a first-time foster.”
Further information regarding adoption, volunteering, foster care, and more can be found at the APL’s web page, located here.

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