West Park Wellness: From trainers to toys, Fitness 19 has you covered

Second in a series of stories on local fitness centers
By Jerry Masek
Since Fitness 19 opened in Kamm’s Plaza 10 years ago, more than 2,000 West Park residents have found their way to better workouts.
The family-friendly facility which is open 24/7, offers toys and a play area in a side room for children, so you can drop them off while you work out, says manager Casey Ladiner.
“We try to appeal to many audiences,” he says. “Many members are here to lose weight. Some are senior citizens, or those who want to continue their physical therapy efforts after being injured.”
The staff includes five physical trainers, and at least one of them of them is on duty at all day and evening hours. Although the facility is open 24/7, Fitness 19 also offers less expensive memberships for those who wish to come when staff is present.
“Our goal is to make this place as comfortable as we can, for everyone to enjoy,” Ladiner says. “Sometimes, your first visit to a new facility can be intimidating. Here, we make it easy. I urge people to go our website for a free, one-time guest pass; then call and make an appointment. Let us show you around, and stay for your first workout.”
“Our peak times for users are from 5 to 7 p.m., but even then, you should find openings on our cardio equipment.”
For membership info, services, staff hours, and kids room hours, go to Fitness19.com, or call 216-889-1919.
———Jerry Masek, a certified hypnotist, is active in local holistic circlesIf you have a column idea, contact him at jemasek@aol.com.

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