One-Stop-Shop: The Wash House and Cafe

By Jessie Schoonover

People now love doing the laundry.

“I wanted people to be able to do their laundry and relax at the same time,” says Wash House and Cafe Owner Sophia Fernandez. “I want people to find some ‘me’ time while they are getting stuff done.”
Having younger children not long ago, Fernandez knows toting them to the laundromat, where they must sit and wait with bridled patience, isn’t ideal.

Other perks of doing laundry or just stopping by The Wash House and Cafe include:

  • Fast-speed W-Fi
  • Clean, well-maintained machines
  • Lift to upper level of machines
  • 36 dryers and 34 washers (never wait!)
  • Same-day drop off service (varying charges may apply)
  • Ever-evolving and expanding food menu and bakery
  • *Machines are new, are available in multiple sizes for convenience, and are capable of washing and drying in less than 45 minutes!
  • Competitive rates– per-pound, The Wash House and Cafe costs less. Efficient machines allow for less water and even quicker drying!

“No one ever thought about the convenience of the customer,” Ferndandez says. “I don’t want to be uncomfortable the whole time I’m sitting there,” she says, noting how she feels, personally. That’s one reason, she says, she created the kids’ play area, equipped with multiple televisions and a safe, padded play zone that is partially enclosed so it is easy to see children as the exit and enter the area.

To see everything the Wash House and Cafe has available, visit

Offering way more than laundry…

Some stop for the Caribou Coffee or Mitchel’s ice cream. Some, for the delicious bakery or lunch items, like the NEW ham and cheese stuffed into a croissant. Some for the convivial atmosphere, welcoming to both individuals and groups.

One of the most notable aspects of this laundromat is the accommodating and helpful nature of the staff. Several individuals were greeted at the door, where their laundry was taken and carried for them as they were personally assisted to the machines.

“We’ve even helped people in from the rain with all their stuff,” Fernandez adds. “We do almost anything for our customers.”

Since opening, Fernandez says she has definitely gotten the reaction from customers that she initially wanted: people now love doing their laundry.

“People have even stood in the door and said: ‘man, I love this place,’” she says.

So, there you have it: with The Wash House and Cafe, there’s never a reason to loathe doing a load of laundry again!

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