Track updates announced for the RTA Red Line

This summer the GreatCleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will complete a 6-year, $38 million track upgrade of the West Side Red Line. Those trains serve hundreds of West Park residents every day.

This year’s project costs $6.4 million for the 3.6 miles between the West Park Station and the Airport Tunnel. From June 2-29, rail service between the West Park Station and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will be replaced with 66R buses. 66R buses will stop at the Airport, Brookpark, Puritas and West Park stations. Look for special bus stop signs outside each station.

Funding comes from the Ohio Department of Transportation’ (ODOT). Crews will replace 12,275 timber cross ties, improve track drainage, add signal systems, repair the Puritas Station platform, and provide for a full rehabilitation of the railroad track. said RTA Interim CEO and General Manager, Flounsay Caver.

“Transit systems across the country just like ours are taking this time to focus on the foundation of what makes this country move forward – a strong and sturdy, well-maintained infrastructure,” said Caver.

“We have a $4 billion asset in our rail system. And now we are recapitalizing it, which means that we will preserve that asset at a fraction of the cost of new construction and, thereby, bring the system into a state of good repair.”

During the last six years, RTA has invested nearly $40 million in the Red Line by reconstructing the Brookpark Station, the Airport Tunnel and the tracks between West Park Station and West 30th Street.

This year’s project may add some time to the daily commute, so you may want to leave earlier than usual. A new Red Line timetable has been issued for service June 2-29. For details, go to:, or call 216-621-9500.

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