Two local rugby teams win two state titles

Only about 60 youths in West Park play organized rugby. But those who do, play it very, very well.

On May 18, two local rugby teams won state titles in their respective age divisions. The teams, part of the West Park Shamrocks, were made up of coeds in grades 3-4 flag , and boys in grades 7-8 tackle.

Two other teams, coeds in grades 5-6 flag, and 5-6 grade boys tackle, each finished second in the state tournament. All four teams finished first among teams in the City Cup Championship.

Rugby is often considered the forerunner of American football. Locally, the seven-week season began around April 1. Games are played at St Ignatius High School Sunday afternoons.

For information on how you can become involved in this unique sport, contact Manager Jeff Vollmer at

Colin Tedesco

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