Business Star of The Month: Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop (FREE COMIC DAY MAY 4)

Located in Kamm’s Plaza on Lorain Avenue, Carol &
John’s Comic Book Shop is a treasure.

The store is eye-catching with neon signs and symbols of classic comics such as Batman, Superman and The Green Lantern; all welcoming visitors at the entrance.

Upon entering, one notices flyers lining the nearby glass countertop, promoting upcoming events and recent releases. The bright blue walls have memorable comic book icons and memorabilia as well as related décor. The top shelves of the store contain unique artwork; all in-line with the theme of this shop.

Apparel and figurines are available for purchase.
This store is also incredibly organized, with boxes of comics arranged around the central area of the store; everything in alphabetical order, making it super easy to browse. Even smaller paperback comics are placed neatly into a laminated sleeve, making for a very official and satisfying look and feel to the purchase.
Along the shelves, books of all sizes are placed together so that they fit like perfect puzzle pieces.

Accessibility is not a problem. Employees are also friendly with a light-hearted attitude and are always willing to help as needed, also.

This shop sells old and new comics and will be holding a free comic book day on May 4 this year. Be sure to stop by and check out the welcoming atmosphere yourself!

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