CMSD Invites Public Input on Long-Term School Planning


CMSD will engage the community in planning the future of academic programs and buildings.

The Board of Education is revisiting the District’s master facilities plan. Cleveland’s population patterns have changed since the plan was last updated five years ago, and the board wants to ensure that the taxpayers’ investment matches community needs.

The independent Bond Accountability Commission has called for a fresh look, citing trends in enrollment and construction costs. The BAC was created to monitor a building and renovation program that has been funded by the state and local bond issues.

The District is responding to this call and taking the opportunity to better align its academic and facilities decision making.

“We are seizing this moment in time to plan not only new buildings but the improving academic programs that will inhabit those buildings,” said Christine Fowler-Mack, the District’s chief portfolio officer.

The public is invited to join the long-term planning process, which will explore data reflecting academic quality, enrollment trends and forecasts, and building use and conditions across the city. The data is contained in a comprehensive fact base called the Citywide Analysis.

The Citywide Analysis will allow the community to use the same information considered by District and charter school leaders when assessing how best to plan for quality schools in every neighborhood. It provides data at three different levels — citywide, by region and at the school level — for both District and charter K-8 and high schools.

While the report presents data analysis, it does not make recommendations. The analysis will enable educators, community members and families to work from the same set of facts and engage together in thoughtful planning.

“We are presenting this without a point of view,” CEO Eric Gordon said. “We were very deliberate in holding ourselves accountable to not saying, ‘This is what we should do.’ “

The Citywide Analysis is available at The website also includes an interactive tool that will allow visitors to explore their own region, a user guide, a schedule of public meetings, frequently asked questions and a form for questions and comments.

Gordon will lead a series of public meetings in April, beginning Tuesday, April 2 at East Tech High School. For a complete schedule, go here. The schedule is also on a postcard that is being mailed citywide.

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