Get Lit Smoke & Vapor on Lorain Avenue grand opening event Sat., March 16

People are catching on. One passerby knocks on the newly decorated storefront window and emphatically waves. Another person beeps from a vehicle, sticking their head out to catch a glimpse of an old friend.
Customers of Smoke Zone II, formerly located at 13034 Lorain Ave., can now find a familiar face at a brand-new store right down the street. Get Lit Smoke & Vapor is located at 12204 Lorain Ave., and is owned by former Smoke Zone II employee, Tina Gasner.
“I worked at Smoke Zone II for 3 years,” said Gasner. “In that time, I got to know a lot of people in this area and really fell in love with the community.”
According to Gasner, after her experience learning and meeting people at the former store, she knew she wanted to open her own store.
“I really would like everyone who used to come into Smoke Zone II to be aware that Get Lit Smoke & Vapor is here for them, and I want them to know that I miss them!” She added. “We’re also really excited to open our doors to new people, and to get to know and help others.”
“I’m always looking to make the inventory bigger,” Gasner noted. “We’re adding stuff all the time.”
The store currently carries Backwoods cigars, farmer’s tobacco or ‘roll your own,’ including Arrowhead, Buoy, Premier, Farmer’s Gold, and Golden Harvest.
“We carry hard to find tobaccos,” said Gasner.
“We’re here to help,” said Gasner, who periodically answers questions from customers regarding different products. With Gasner, and her staff at the store, it’s always a casual, amiable encounter.
“We also carry CBD from Ohio-based companies,” she said. “They are local and are really good companies, including ZuRI and 3 Chi.” The store also carries quality kratom products.
“ZuRI proudly manufactures a full line of over 70 hemp-derived CBD supplements including tinctures, capsules and topicals, including its best-selling Freeze Pain Relief Rub here in Ohio,” said Mike Dutton, director of product development at ZuRI. “ZuRI’s main focus is to provide health and wellness through alternative approaches with THC Free CBD that is 3rd party lab tested for quality.”
The folks at Get Lit are invested in their customers, and they are far more than simply knowledgeable and friendly— they are also caring members of the community. Stop in and say hello today!
There will also be a GRAND OPENING EVENT on March 16th, at the store. Stop in during store hours. See coupons in the West Park Times for savings!!! Don’t forget to show your support and like Get Lit on Facebook!
“Our customer service is always friendly,” says Gasner. “We are great at helping people find the right products, including hand-rolled tobacco replacements for brand names, for example, for those looking to save money.”

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