Start a new tradition this year

Who wouldn’t want an extra present during the holidays?

The legend of the Christmas Pickle is rooted in some obscure origins but we can all appreciate and share what it represents today!

According to sources, the person that finds the pickle on the tree gets an extra present for Christmas.

The tradition is commonly said to be linked to Germany. However, this is often disputed.

Some even joke that it could have started with someone looking to make a little money off an accidental pickle ornament surplus.

The possibilities are endless.

However, Author Tony Marini has brought this unique family tradition to life with his lovable character, “Pennie the Christmas Pickle.”

Want to know more? Make it part of your family’s tradition this year!

Find a copy of “Pennie the Christmas Pickle” here, and pick up a pickle ornament today! There’s also a song to sing along with!

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