“Pennie the Pickle” Holiday Coloring Contest

Local children’s author Tony Marini and The West Park Times will have a local coloring contest for children of all ages.
Look for Marini’s character, “Pennie the Christmas Pickle,” to appear in print during the months of October and November. The winner will be announced in December’s issue.
Marini says he came up with the idea for the story after being a long-time fan of the famous prose, “Twas the night before Christmas…” featured in the novel A Visit from St. Nicholas, by Clement C. Moore.
“I wanted to bring a new tradition to life,” says Marini. “I also wanted something that encouraged families to get together and to do activities together with their children— and of course— to read.”
Pennie the Christmas Pickle comes with her own book, which can be found at Barnes and Noble and PenniePickle.com. Pennie also has her own smile-inspiring, sing-a-long song, which can be found here at Amazon. The book also includes activities in the back, such as recipes, song lyrics, and a way to make your own Christmas ornament.

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