Two Sons Tattoo Slated to Open Soon

West Park resident, Brittany Bosch, and her husband Paul, a tattoo artist, are bringing their combined talents to West Park with Two Sons Tattoo.
They are expected to open near the end of spring.
Brittany, who was born and raised in West Park, met Paul, a tattoo artist, while she was working in the fashion industry in New York City. In fact, she says she was getting a tattoo after going to a job interview when she coincidentally saw Paul for the first time. Brittany says she brings an administrative quality to the new business, while helping with the day-to-day operations, and other things, like marketing. Paul, who hails from Minnesota, has built an impressive career. Discovered while working in a skateboarding shop, Paul says he initially enjoyed drawing, when one day a man called saying he had seen Paul’s drawings and wanted to know if he would be interested in being an apprentice.
After considering the proposal and weighing it out heavily, Paul decided to take a chance and so his astounding career in tattoo artistry began. For more information, contact the west park times, at:

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