Childcare centers struggle to survive during the pandemic


By Jerry Masek

“If Ohio is going back to work, we need child care.”   

That opinion, shared by many, is painfully clear to Horizon Education Centers Executive Director David Smith.

Horizon operates 12 facilities, including one next to the Triskett Rapid Station in West Park.   

Horizon spent $2.7 million to build that center. It opened in May 2019, with a full capacity of 210 students. Within a year, it served 160 students each day. The site is popular with commuters who can drop off their children before riding the Rapid to jobs Downtown and in University Circle.

When COVID-19 hit…    

Like much of Ohio, the center closed in mid-March. When it reopened in June, the daily capacity was capped at 68 children via state restrictions.

The children are there but the revenue is not enough to cover expenses. 

“It’s like we are selling $5 bills for $4 each,” Smith said. “We are losing about $10,00 each month. The challenge is the same for all 12 facilities. We may have to temporarily shut down the Triskett center again.”

Where did the other students go?   

Smith said many parents found alternative care, such as high school students or older siblings home for the summer. A survey found that 70-percent of parents are single heads of their household. The survey also showed that 80-percent of parents who continue to use Horizon are “essential workers,” with jobs in grocery stores, transportation and health care.   

Even if state restrictions are lifted, the classrooms may be hard to fill right away, Smith says. Many parents have a fear of COVID and most already have made alternative plans for the summer. When schools re-open, the need for Horizon centers will increase. 

More state aid would help Horizon stay open until fall. Horizon has received some federal aid, but not nearly enough.   

“If Ohio could lift its group size restrictions, it would give us a fighting chance, “Smith said.  “If Ohio is going back to work, we need child care.”

Current coronavirus cases in Ohio

Coronavirus in Ohio increases by 837 in 24 hours, Ohio, Cleveland, Coronavirus



05/16: Today’s 24-hour increase= 487. Today’s total= 25,836. Yesterday’s total= 25,349.

05/15: Today’s 24-hour increase= 549. Today’s total= 25,349. Yesterday’s total= 24,800.

05/14: Today’s 24-hour increase= 555. Today’s total= 24,800. Yesterday’s total= 24,245.

05/13: Today’s 24-hour increase= 436. Today’s total= 24,245. Yesterday’s total= 23,809.

05/12: Today’s 24-hour increase= 409. Today’s total= 23,809. Yesterday’s total= 23,400.

05/11: Today’s 24-hour increase= 509. Today’s total= 23,400. Yesterday’s total= 22,891.

05/10: Today’s 24-hour increase= 331. Today’s total= 22,891. Yesterday’s total= 22,560.

05/09: Today’s 24-hour increase= 591. Today’s total= 22,560. Yesterday’s total= 21,969.

05/08: Today’s 24-hour increase= 837. Today’s total= 21,969. Yesterday’s total= 21,132.

05/07: Today’s 24-hour increase= 507. Today’s total= 21,132. Yesterday’s total= 20,625.

05/06: Today’s 24-hour increase= 553. Today’s total= 20,625. Yesterday’s total= 20,072.

5/05: Today’s 24-hour increase= 463. Today’s total= 20,072. Yesterday’s total= 19,609.

5/04: Today’s 24-hour increase= 515. Today’s total= 19,609. Yesterday’s total= 19,094.

5/03: Today’s 24-hour increase= 557. Today’s total= 19,094. Yesterday’s total= 18,537.

5/02: Today’s 24-hour increase= 575. Today’s total= 18,537. Yesterday’s total= 17,962.

5/01: Today’s 24-hour increase= 677. Today’s total= 17,962. Yesterday’s total= 17,285.

4/30: Today’s 24-hour increase= 684. Today’s total= 17,285. Yesterday’s total= 16,601.

4/29: Today’s 24-hour increase= 473. Today’s total= 16,601. Yesterday’s total= 16,128.

4/28: Today’s 24-hour increase= 429. Today’s total= 16,128. Yesterday’s total= 15,699.

4/27:Today’s 24-hour increase= 339. Today’s total= 15,699. Yesterday’s total= 15,360.

4/26: Today’s 24-hour increase= 377. Today’s total= 15,360. Yesterday’s total= 14,983.

4/25: Today’s 24-hour increase= 402. Today’s total= 14,983 . Yesterday’s total= 14,581.

4/24: Today’s 24-hour increase= 439. Today’s total= 14,581 . Yesterday’s total= 14,142.

4/23: Today’s 24-hour increase= 533. Today’s total= 14,142 . Yesterday’s total= 13,609.

4/22: Today’s 24-hour increase= 359. Today’s total= 13,609 . Yesterday’s total= 13,250.

4/21: Today’s 24-hour increase= 734. Today’s total= 13,250 . Yesterday’s total= 12,516.

4/20: Today’s 24-hour increase= 1,224. Today’s total= 12,516. Yesterday’s total= 11,292.

4/19: Today’s 24-hour increase= 1,353 Today’s total= 11,292. Yesterday’s total= 9,939.

4/18: Today’s 24-hour increase= 1,081 Today’s total= 9,939. Yesterday’s total= 8,858.

4/17: Today’s 24-hour increase= 619. Today’s total= 8,858. Yesterday’s total= 8,239.

4/16: Today’s 24-hour increase= 611. Today’s total= 8,239. Yesterday’s total= 7,628.

4/15: Today’s 24-hour increase= 475. Today’s total= 7,628. Yesterday’s total= 7,153.

4/14: Today’s 24-hour increase= 272. Today’s total= 7,153. Yesterday’s total= 6,881.

4/13: Today’s 24-hour increase= 363. Today’s total= 6,881. Yesterday’s total= 6,518.

4/12: Today’s 24-hour increase= 331. Today’s total= 6,518. Yesterday’s total= 6,187.

4/11:Today’s 24-hour increase= 351. Today’s total=6,187. Yesterday’s total= 5,836.

4/10: Today’s 24-hour increase= 324. Today’s total=5,836. Yesterday’s total= 5,512.

4/9: Today’s 24-hour increase= 364. Today’s total=5,512. Yesterday’s total= 5,148.

4/8: Today’s 24-hour increase= 366. Today’s total= 5,148. Yesterday’s total= 4,782.

4/7: Today’s daily increase for #Ohio is 332 confirmed cases. This is up from 4,450 reported yesterday, for a total of 4,782 cases.

4/6: Today’s 24-hour increase is 407; numbers of coronavirus cases in Ohio have increased from 4,043 to 4,450.

4/5: Since yesterday, #coronavirus cases in Ohio have increased by 304; from 3,739 to 4,043.

4/4: Confirmed #coronavirus cases in Ohio have jumped to 3,739, according to numbers released by the Ohio Department of Health.

4/3: Since last reported on March 31, the total #Coronavirus count for #Ohio has risen to 2,902, according to information released by the Ohio Department of Health. The average daily rate of infection is on the rise statewide. (Avg. 323 per-day).

3/31: In 12 days, the total #Coronavirus count for those in #Ohio has risen from 119 to 1933. That means there are an average of 151 new cases developing throughout the state, per day. In retrospect, states like New York are reporting increases per-day by the thousands.
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*All data extracted from the Ohio Department of Health.

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Voters urged to vote early, by mail due to polling location closures


The following is a statement by Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish and County Council President Dan Brady regarding the need to close some polling locations amidst coronavirus concerns

March 11, 2020―  “We fully understand the State’s desire to relocate polling locations that were to be based in residential senior citizen facilities. It is a prudent and necessary precaution, and the health and safety of our community must come first. At the same time, this may create voting obstacles for tens of thousands of County residents who use those polling locations.  

“We fully understand the State’s desire to relocate polling locations that were to be based in residential senior citizen facilities. It is a prudent and necessary precaution, and the health and safety of our community must come first. At the same time, this may create voting obstacles for tens of thousands of County residents who use those polling locations.  

 VOTE EARLY or VOTE BY MAIL. The deadline for voters to request mail-in ballots is noon on Saturday, March 14. If you would like to vote by mail, please go  to  You can mail in your ballot or drop it off by 7:30 p.m. on election day. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections will be accepting curbside drop-off of ballots on election day at the back of their offices at 2925 Euclid Avenue.Registered voters may also vote early, in person, at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.”

Dates and times for early voting are:

Wednesday, March 118 AM–7 PM
Thursday, March 128 AM–7 PM
Friday, March 138 AM–7 PM
Saturday, March 148 AM–4 PM
Sunday, March 151 PM–5 PM
Monday, March 168 AM–2 PM

Here is the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections link to full details about polling changes and a list of impacted locations: