State of Ohio braces for reopening

State of Ohio braces to reopen, coronavirus, Cleveland, news, updates
Cases in Ohio rose by 339 in the last 24 hours. Numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases appear to be declining by the day.
Meanwhile, states across the country are beginning to reopen.
Governor Mike DeWine announced he would like to begin reopening things in the state but that he is apprehensive to backslide when it comes to the progressive we’ve made.
According to sources, on May 12th ‘consumer, retail, and services’ are expected to reopen. Employees and patrons are still asked to follow certain protocols, including keeping 6-feet away from individuals and/or installing barriers.
On May 4th, ‘general office environments can reopen’ in Ohio. However, it is still encouraged to have individuals work from home when possible.
On May 4th ‘manufacturing, distribution, and construction’ are said to open again with certain requirements in place.