Holiday Book List: “Haunted Franklin Castle”

Author Photo Bill Krejci, Haunted Franklin Castle

Writing about the Franklin Castle began as a high school project in 1992 for author Bill Krejci.
In 2005, he began working with the co-author of the book, John W. Myers. Haunted Franklin Castle was later published by The History Press in October of 2017.
“A lot of it was research,” says Krejci. “And a lot of it was getting published, too.”
The infamous home, which has become known worldwide for its sordid, speculative past, was formerly owned by Hannes Tiedemann.
Things commonly associated with the Haunted Franklin Castle include murders in the house, Nazi spies, crying in the walls, and buried bodies. Krejci and Myers’ tremendous amount of work provides factual proof of whether these rumors are true— or not.
“A lot of these rumors began with Eleanora Bernstein,” he says; she was a self-proclaimed psychic who stayed at the castle in 1980, having possible intentions to write about Hannes Tiedemann and his family.
According to Krejci, Bernstein made claims that Tiedemann spoke to her, and that he confessed to murdering people within the house.
“We’ve been trying to undo that damage for years,” Krejci says. So, was Hannes Tiedemann a cruel man capable of committing true acts of evil? Or, was he a loving father and devoted husband who happened to get a bad reputation?
Find out for yourself— get Haunted Franklin Castle today as an early personal holiday gift or purchase for a friend.
Krejci currently has six novels published: three of which are mystery novels; three are works of nonfiction, including Buried Beneath Cleveland, which pinpoints and explores misplaced, displaced, and overlaid grave sites throughout the area, as well as Haunted Put-In-Bay.
These novels can be found on Amazon, as well as many local stores throughout the area, and at,

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